Transparent Complaint / Opinion Procedure (T.C.P.)

What is Transparent Complaint / Opinion Procedure (TCP)?

- It's a 100% verifiable procedure. TCP is a 3 Line Law, that can reduce corruption in Police, Judges & the poverty within few months.

How does it work?

- It gathers the citizens voices, unites them legally through this system against the evil acts & decisions of the corrupt people in Government / Judges / Police. Visit TCP FAQs section.

The proposed TCP law, to be signed by PM (called Gazette Notification) has only 3 clauses, as follows. Please note that 3rd clause is a mere declaration. So the proposed TCP law has only 2 operational clauses.


If any citizen-voter submits an application or complaint against corruption or any affidavit to the Collector and demands to be put on the website of the Prime Minister along with Voter ID number of the citizen, Collector or his clerk will issue a serial number and put it on PM’s website for a fee of Rs. 20/page.

If any citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on an application, complaint or any affidavit submitted in clause-1, the Talati will enter his Yes-No on the PM’s website with his voter-ID number and give a printed receipt for Rs 3 fee. The Talati will also allow citizen to change his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder.

This is not a referendum procedure .The Yes-No count will not be a binding on PM, CMs, officers, judges etc. Though if over 37 crores citizen-voters register Yes on a given affidavit, then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the application affidavit ; or the PM may or need not resign. PM’s decision will be final.





(or his clerk)


(or his clerk)




Patwari variously known as Village accountant, Talati, Patel, Karnam, Adhikari etc.

Let us understand how Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) will work?

                    Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) is defined as a complaint which is VISIBLE and VERIFIABLE anywhere, anytime and by anyone, so that it cannot be suppressed by any politician, official (like Lokpal, etc), judge or media. Say, there is a corrupt minister in your area and you and lakhs of people want to complain that "This minister is corrupt and should be removed." Now, what are the present-day options for making a complaint ? One option is dharna, but dharna is useless unless it is "fixed" because today opposition to the government is met by lathis of the police etc. Another option is signature campaign but that also fails since there is no backup of signatures of citizens with the government in our country and thus signatures cannot be cross-verified and will be proclaimed "false" by the authorities and media.

               Now, if this complaint is made via the above procedure whereby, any person can go to any collector office and give the complaint that "the minister is corrupt and should be replaced" and if lakhs of people will support the complaint, they can go to their nearby Patwari/Talati office and give Rs.3/1 and voter id details and finger print scan for verification and all that will come on PM website. Now, the media or any authority cannot claim these supporters are false since there is fool-proof verification done and cross-verification of a sample can be done anytime. The complaint cannot be manipulated since the complaint is VISIBLE always to lakhs and crores of people world-wide. The media will also have to take up this complaint or it will lose its credibility for not taking up a genuine, verified complaint which lakhs of people support. And this way via media the complaint will spread all over the country. Now, the lakhs and croes of people who have supported this complaint will put pressure on the MLAs, MPs, etc. of their area "Why do you not take any action against this complaint when it is clearly visible that lakhs and crores of people are supporting this?" This pressure will come on the higher authorities and even the PM and some suitable action has to be taken. So, this transparent system will work via public pressure.

How does TCP law reduce poverty within 3-4 months?

                    The day PM signs this TCP law, we will be submitting about 200 affidavits. The first affidavit is what we call as MRCM – Mineral Royalties for Citizens and Military. The MRCM affidavit is a 7 page proposed law listed at chapter 5. The proposed MRCM law creates an administrative system by which each citizen DIRECTLY gets mineral royalties and land rents from GoI plots. E.g. Say in Dec-2008, the mineral royalties and land rent from GoI plots was Rs 30000 cr. Then as per the proposed MRCM law, Rs 10000 will go towards Military. And for rest Rs 20000 cr, each citizen will get about Rs 200 deposited in his local SBI account or local post office bank account. If each of the adult citizen of India visits bank once a month to withdraw the cash, only about 100,000 clerks will be needed. Well, existing SBI has staff of over 300,000 and all PSU banks together have staff of over 600,000. So the staff needed to support MRCM is not very large.

How does TCP law reduce corruption in police, judiciary, etc.?

                    Why is corruption in US policemen low (except in drugs related cases)? The one and only one reason why corruption in US police is low is because citizens in US have procedure to expel District Police Commissioner of their district. So Police Commissioner in US takes very less bribes and also ensures that his staff doesn’t take much bribes. If Police Commissioner in US comes to know that his junior staff is taking bribes, he will immediately run a sting operation, gather evidences and gets them expelled. Because he fears that if corruption in junior staff increases, the citizens may expel him. The corruption in US police in drugs related cases is because most citizens in US do not have much aversion against drugs. But since in India, citizens have NO procedure to expel Police Chief, the Chief not only collects bribes, he asks his juniors to collect maximal bribes. A typical Police Commissioner keeps half of what he collects and passes the half to MLAs, Home Minister and CM. How come you, the reader, did not know that US citizens can expel their Police Chiefs? Because the EIIs, who control most of the media and the textbooks, (EII = Eminent Intellectuals of India) do not want citizens of India to know that “US citizens have procedure to expel District Police Chiefs” because EIIs don’t want citizens of India to demand such procedures.

                    We have prepared the draft of law, which when signed by CM will create a procedure by which citizens of district can replace the District Police Commissioner. We call this draft as DPC-RP i.e. District Police Commissioner Replacement Procedure. The draft is 100% consistent with the each of the 33 dozen Articles of our Constitution and all existing laws.


Safeguard Clause

                    Please note the safeguard clause: (2) The Talati will also allow citizen to cancel his/her Yes-No ANYDAY

without any charge. This makes the procedure immune to money buyout, gangster power and media power.


Why should I bother? I am quite well off. It may not affect me!

                    If INDIA SHIP sinks, we all will drown; we will be enslaved and looted by foreign countries and MNCs.

Whether you are an elite group within captain‟s circle or a common passenger or a poorest worker in the ship –

ALL will drown. The best chance is to repair ship and move! We always had all resources to sail easily with all

passengers. TCP is the step by step guide to how to repair!! We just need to repair the miss-managed ship!

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