Decreasing cow slaughter in India

 Proposals in short

1. Print a Gazette Notification that imposes 5 year prison sentence for slaughter of cows and bullocks. Most states, except Kerala and West Bengal already have such provision.

2. Right to Recall Police Chief , Right to recall District Public Prosecutor, RTR District judge, RTR Cow Welfare Minister to enforce the prison sentence

3. Jury Trial and not judge trial to decide the guilt and length of prison sentence

4. Narco Test by Approval of Jurors on those accused of cow slaughter

5. Right to Recall District Anti-adulteration officer , so that selling of fake cow-milk and fake cow-ghee decreases.

6. Invest in creating technology for sperm separation and thus enabling sex selection of cows i.e. at the time of impregnating cow, the cow-owner can ensure the sex of calf

7. Cancel subsidies to tractor. This will increase demand for bullocks.

8. Selling of cow meat will be banned. Jurors may impose sentence of 5 years in prison.

9. No export of cow meat. Jurors may imprison anyone exporting beef for 5 years.

10. No export of cows. Jurors may imprison anyone exporting cow for 5 years.

11. No inter-state movement of cow. Jurors may imprison anyone moving cows from one state to another 5 years.

12. Govt will run cow shelters ; the funds will be collected using wealth tax

13. The Govt will purchase old cows at a set price

14. There will be no subsidy for cow or buffalo

15. The milk will have explicit label of cow’s milk or buffalo’s milk. The label will also specify whether the milk is from “desi cow” , “geer cow” or “jersey cow”.

16. The milk have label displaying fat and protein contents, and possibility of heart attack depending on fat level, as determined by Medical Council of India. This will reduce the consumption of buffalo milk,

17. There should be one panjara-pol (or gau-shaalaa) in every colony of 10,000 to 30,000 in cities. Thus the cities will have at least 1-2 gau-shaalaa in each ward.

18. Running advertisement campaign explaining harmful effect of buffalo milk on heart, and how buffalo milk increases possibility of heart attack. As information on ill effect of buffalo milk on heart spreads, consumption of buffalo milk will decrease

Explanations in detail

                  Cow slaughter is legal only in Jammu Kashmir, West Bengal, Kerala and parts of North East. All other States have imprisonment for cow slaughter. E.g Gujarat has imprisonment of up to 6 years, Haryana has imprisonment of up to 5 years etc etc. But the imprisonment doesn’t happen because of corruption of District Police Chief, District Public Prosecutors and District judges. So Right to Recall over these positions will corruption in these posts and thus reduce cow slaughter. Eg if there is RTR District Police Chief, then police chief will know that citizens don’t want cow-slaughter to continue and citizens will expel him if cow slaughter goes on, then Police Chief will crack down and cow slaughter will decrease. In addition, the judge trial in cases of cow-laughter should end. The judges are prone to nexuses, nepotism and thus corruption. So cow-killers will get away. So trials on alleged cow-slaughter must be decided by the Jurors. And Jurors may order narco test in public to extract more names from the accused and also know the truth.

                      Hindus give free food to cows and also donate money at gau-shala. IOW, Hindus are subsidizing beef !!! To fix the mess, I request all Hindus to buy cow-milk product as raw cost price and give subsidy and sell it to poor, and not give any money to gau-shaalaa. By buying cow-milk products, they are giving revenues and normal profits to gau-shaalaa to keep cows.

                      The buffalo milk is cheap, but increases the chances of heart attack. So when cost of heart attack medicines, operations etc are taken into account, buffalo milk is far more expensive that cow milk. But sadly, most people do not have information on this. The Govt can run a one year campaign to spread this information to citizens and this will reduce consumption of buffalo milk and increase consumption of cow-milk. Also, most people have no way to know whether milk or ghee labeled as cow milk or cow ghee is actually cow milk or cow ghee or just buffalo milk. This is because District Health Officer in-charge of controlling adulteration are corrupt. So I propose RTR District Health Officer so that supervision improves, adulteration decreases and citizens’ faith in label increases.

                   By de-subsidizing tractors demand for bullocks can be raised and this will reduce bullock slaughter. And by de-subsidizing chemical fertilizers, demand for cow and as well bullock will increase.

                  And lastly, cows give birth to cows and bullocks in equal number. And economy may no longer needs so many bullocks. And this increase slaughter of bullocks and if slaughter of bullock increases, then slaughter of cow may also sneak thru. Now it is possible to segregate sperms which can give birth to cows mostly cows and less to bullocks. Using this technology, number of unneeded bullocks will reduce to less than 1% and thus bullock slaughter will reduce.

            These measure will reduce cow and bullock slaughter to near zero.

What can YOU do to reduce cow-slaughter?

                  Please send order to PM and Loksabha Speaker via SMS that your Yes\No sent via SMS on any bill presented in the Parliament should be posted on the website of Parliament. Please also see chap-13 of this book. It has several steps where-in you can spend 6 hours a week and help to bring TCP draft in Gazette in India. The steps involve distributing pamphlets, informing citizens on motives of leaders such as Congress MPs, BJP MPs, Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal etc. who oppose TCP draft, by giving newspaper ads and contesting elections. Once TCP gets printed in Gazette, using TCP, it will become easy for activists to get citizens’ opinion law-drafts mentioned in this chapter such as Right to Recall Police Commissioner, RTR District Health Officer, ending subsidies on chemical fertilizers, ending subsidies on tractors, ending fuel subsidies, ending water subsidies, increase subsidies on final cow-milk products, banning inter-state movement of cows etc.  These changes will reduce cow slaughter.





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