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Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) - 3line law will Reduce Poverty, Corruption  in Police, politics & Courts  in 4  months

 (Other names of TCP : Transparent Opinion Gathering, TOG, Gazette Notification Law, 3line law, Transparent Proposal Procedure, Verifiable scanning Transparent Procedure)

RIGHT TO RECALL GROUP ; Praja adheen shasak dwaara sampoorn vikaas


Sri Rahul Chimanbhai Mehta wrote Major part (~ 99%). RRG is immensely grateful to him.

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1.  The Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) draft to be printed in Official Gazette of India

2.  Why do we call TCP procedure as `Transparent` ? How TCP works?. 1

3.  Is that all?. 1

4.  Should all Indian citizens have internet to use TCP?. 1

5.  How does TCP law reduce poverty within 3-4 months?. 1

6.  What are the milestones in the roadmap of implementing TCP?. 1

6.1   Clear-cut demand. 1

6.2   Proof of supporting counts for the demand. 1

6.3   Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant 1

7.  TCP reduces corruption in police, judiciary within 3 months via DPC-RP

8.  Safeguard Clause please see (2.2) 1

9.  One may ask “Why should I bother? I am quite well off. It may not affect me!”. 1

10. Mass-campaign of solution-drafts via ads/pamphlets will bring immediate results

11. Some truth that media/leaders/politicians/elites hiding from citizens

12. I am in. Can I distribute pamphlets?. 1

13. Can I donate money?. 1

14. What are duties of a good election candidate and a good voter ?. 1

15)  4 Ways to join ”SMS to Public servant Campaign” & Unite Citizens of the Country. 1

15.1)  Send few lines SMS Order to your MP/MLA.. 1

15.2)  Send SMS and display in a verifiable manner on site the shortcode, which you support and which is already registered by some other citizen – 4 steps. 1

15.2.1   Send Mobile Activation-SMS

15.2.2   Voters can send registered code-SMS from their registered mobiles

15.2.3   Send by e-mail etc. copy of (a) voter id (b) mobile bill (for post-paid) OR affidavit (for pre-paid)

15.2.4   Documents verification and registration of mobile plus voter id by RRG volunteers 

15.3)  Register your NEW issue and short codes with our site – 3 steps. 1

15.4)  Unregistered user (that is, if you do not have voter ID currently)



1.   The Transparent Complaint Procedure (TCP) procedure-draft to be printed in Official Gazette of India:


When informed 80 crore voter-citizens, most of them, understand its benefits & will ask their MPs to ask PM of India to sign and print in Gazette Notification.  It has only 2 clauses. (# 3 is a mere declaration.)






(or his clerk)

If ANY citizen-voter comes with voter ID, submits a Right to Information application /complaint /any Opinion/Order/Evidence etc. as an affidavit to the Collector and demands it to be put on the Prime Minister’s website, so that all can see affidavit without logging in, the Collector (or his clerk) checks voter ID, collects Rs. 20 per page fee, issues a serial number and puts Voter-ID plus complete scanned copy of the affidavit on PM’s website.


Village Officer (V.O), Patwari, Talati

(or his clerk)

(2.1)   If any citizen-voter comes with voter ID, and specifies Yes-No on any affidavit submitted in above  clause-1, the Patwari will enter his Yes-No on the PM’s website with his Voter-ID and give a printed  receipt for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder.

(2.2)   The Patwari will also allow citizen to change or cancel his Yes-No for Rs 3 fee. The fee will be Re 1 for BPL card holder. The cost of giving one opinion will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS

(2.3)   The Collector may create system of sending SMS feedback to voters. Also the Collector may create   a system of taking finger-print and picture of the voter and putting it on the receipt.

(2.4)   The PM may create a system where by citizens can register YES/NO via ATM or via SMS.



This is not a referendum procedure .The YES/NO count will not be binding on PM, CMs, officers, judges etc. Though if over 50% of total voters (~ 40 crores citizen-voters) register Yes on a given affidavit, then the PM may or need not take necessary action on the RTI application affidavit; or the PM may or need not resign. PM’s decision will be final.


We summarize the TCP (Transparent Complaint Procedure) law as -

1.  If a citizen wants, he can visit Collector’s office and get his complete affidavit SCANNED onto PM’s website for Rs.  20 per page fee, so that it is visible to all without any need to log-in.

2.  If a citizen wants to give his opinion on a previously filed affidavit., then he visits Talati’s (Lekhpal, Patwari, V.O.  etc) office, registers his YES (Support) or NO (opposition) for the affidavit & displays it on PM’s website for Rs 3  fee. The cost of giving one opinion for the citizen will be 10 paise when the system comes on SMS. Citizen can  change his opinion any day, making procedure immune to money-buyout, media power & gangster power.

3. The YES-count is not a binding on PM etc.

2. Why do we call TCP procedure as `Transparent` ? How TCP works?

       `Transparent` complaint/procedure is defined as a complaint which is VISIBLE and VERIFIABLE anywhere, anytime and by anyone. So it cannot be suppressed by any politician, official (like Lokpal, etc.), judge or media.

Say, you and thousands-lakhs of local voters want to complain against a corrupt minister XYZ in your area and replace him or a suitable action taken. Now, what are the present-day options for making a complaint?  One option is dharna, but `Dharna` is useless unless `fixed ` or covered by paid media. Also govt suppresses honest dharna with police lathi. Another option is Signature campaign – Signature campaign also fails since there is no database of signatures of citizens with the government in our country and thus signatures cannot be cross-verified and will be proclaimed `false` by the authorities and media.

Now, if this complaint is made via the above TCP procedure whereby, citizen-voter can go to any of the 700 collector offices and give the affidavit “XYZ is less efficient than my expectation and should be replaced by a more efficient person.” and get it scanned onto PM website after giving Rs. 20 per page fee. Rs. 20 fee covers all costs of staff, software and hardware, so the procedure is user-paid and government cannot stop it making excuse of `lack of funds`.
(In few months after this procedure is printed in gazette, this opinion gathering can be extended to tehsildar offices and general post offices, meaning that the citizen has access to thousands of places to get his affidavit scanned onto PM website and make visible to other citizens without obstruction from anyone) 

If thousands-lakhs of citizen-voters have same opinion, they GO to their nearby Patwari/Talati office, give Rs.3, voter id details and finger print scan for verification and register their “YES” or “NO” on previously filed affidavit. All these info will be displayed on PM website. Compared to dharna and other opinion giving methods, more citizens can give opinion because citizens just have to visit nearby tehsildar/collector office or send a sms after registering their mobile at nearby V.O (village officer, patwari) office. The media or authority cannot claim these supporters are false as affidavits and opinions are always displayed & a sample of the data is cross-verifiable by any citizen via voter ID. The affidavit is completely scanned and always visible to crores of people world-wide without need to log-in, so cannot be manipulated. The media will be forced to discuss drafts or affidavits with most “yes” or else lose credibility.

Now, the lakhs and crores of people who have supported this complaint will put pressure on the MLAs, MPs, etc. of their area ‘Why do you not take any action against this complaint when it is clearly visible that lakhs and crores of people are supporting this? `This pressure will come on the higher authorities and even the PM and some suitable action has to be taken. So, this transparent system will work via public pressure and is an alternate Citizens` media giving free, verifiable information. TCP empowers any citizen to communicate effectively with other citizens. Due to this citizens` media carrying cross-verifiable info, influence of paid media will reduce and media will be forced to carry true news instead of paid, false news.

3. Is that all?

   Yes, that’s all!! a 546 paged collection of articles & law drafts, provides proof & explains how TCP solves EVERY problem like poverty & corruption.  But we think, a reader understands complete concept ONLY via an interactive discussion at forum/facebook/phone or personal meeting and not via written articles alone. Why? Because reader of “new law proposal” gets valid questions about “adverse side effects” and effectiveness. Unless these questions are immediately answered, he loses interest. We have experienced, after solving concerns- all citizens became TOG/TCP fans. So please contact us via links given in the beginning of this article & let us clear doubts. We answer all doubts. We have 45 frequently asked questions (FAQ) in written & video format, only on TCP (free download at ; Youtube channel on TCP FAQs in hindi - ) !! We welcome any new doubt!

4. Should all Indian citizens have internet to use TCP?

NO. We get this “wrong question” frequently. Internet Connection makes no difference in TCP process. Because, A) Citizen must visit the Collector’s office in person to submit complaint. B) Any other citizen must visit Talati’s (Lekhpal, Patwari, Village Officer) office in person to register YES/NO on affidavit. So internet is not required for citizens to use this law. So all Indian citizen-voters can use it. Citizen with internet could read the affidavits with ease. Citizen without internet learns about a good complaint by word of mouth from people having access to net and interested to spread that info. If interested, he asks friend with internet connection for a print out. In future, popular complaints may get specific slot in print media & radio/TV.

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5. How does TCP law reduce poverty within 3-4 months?

The day PM signs this TCP law, we will submit 200 Law-draft affidavits, which we believe will improve India. Motivated by easy system to recognize better proposals, real intelligent citizens may put 1000s of even better drafts!! Among these drafts, Voter-citizens will support better drafts, ignore mediocre drafts & oppose harmful drafts. Major draft we will submit is MRCM – Mineral Royalties for Citizens and Military law. (See 7 page law draft at Chapter 5 “Citizens are owners of all the public assets of India.” MRCM law creates an administrative system by which A. defense dept.  B. each citizen DIRECTLY gets his rightful part of mineral royalties and land rents from Government of India (GoI) plots. E.g. Say in Dec-2008, the mineral royalties and land rent from GoI plots was Rs 30000 cr/month. MRCM law delivers Rs 10000 crore to Military and rest Rs 20000 cr to 120 crore citizens. That is, each citizen gets approximately Rs. 200 deposited in his local post office / SBI bank account.

Addition of Rs. 200/month/person in income will prevent poor to die of hunger. If each of the adult citizen of India visits bank once a month to withdraw the cash, only about 100,000 clerks will be needed. Well, existing SBI has staff of over 300,000 and all PSU banks together have staff of over 600,000. So the staff needed to implement MRCM is not very large, but is easily manageable.

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6. What are the milestones in the roadmap of implementing TCP?

To get any demand of the public implemented, three factors are needed –


6.1Clear-cut demand

6.2. Proof of supporting counts for the demand

6.3. Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant


6.1     Clear-cut demand

6.1.1.      Without clear cut demand, the demand can backfire. How? For example, if masses demand that “Bring a good anti-corruption law” and do not give any details. That is, detailed instructions or DRAFT needed for government officials to carry the proposal is not specified, then after coming to power, the public servants can bring such flawed laws and policies which allow the influential to form nexuses and bypass these laws and commons are not empowered by these laws to prevent such nexuses.

6.1.2.      Read and understand TCP law and MRCM law. For detail about our proposed laws, please read

6.1.3.   Clear your doubts by interacting with us and other activists as requested in 3rd point.

6.1.4.      Once satisfied with TCP or/and MRCM drafts, tell these to friends and family. Inform other citizens also by any medium, Social media (face book, twitter or any other site), lecture, phone, SMS etc. But easiest method is to Take Xerox and distribute this pamphlet

6.1.5.      So if One RightToRecall-Activist (RTR-A) distributes info to about 4000 citizens, it creates about 10-20 new RTR-A. These RTR-A will inform other 4000 citizens. This chain continues to eventually inform all 80 crore voter citizens.

6.2     Proof of supporting counts for the demand


6.2.1     Uniting under SMS-campaign method is the most efficient method to demand from the public servants

In the campaign methods used today to protest or put a demand for an issue such as petitions, signature gathering, letter sending, Anshan-dharna, it is not possible to prove the number of supporters for an issue. And without proof of the head-counts, sufficient pressure does not come on the government. That is why we insist that along other campaign-methods, citizens spend their 5-10 minutes to send a few lines Order to MPs/PM via SMS. Also, we should write in the same sms and ask the MP/PM to link his public mobile with his website so that the messages sent by the public are automatically published on the website for all to see. Using this `SMS-order to public-servants`- campaign method, it is possible to prove the head-counts for a particular issue since SMS-es will be tagged with voter ID and also it is very safe and reliable compared to other campaign methods. So we call SMS Campaign as an intermediate TCP method.

Besides sending such a sms, citizens should also display their sent sms-orders to the public via resending the SMS as registered code to site or via FB wall notes or uploading anywhere on the internet and sharing the link. Those who do not have internet can inform about the sent sms-order to the public via meetings, pamphlets or any other convenient method.

Sending sms-order and informing the public about the sent sms-order will take 5-10 minutes and can be done easily by crores of people by spending a few paise. But even if 5000-10000 people do this in a loksabha constituency and the present MP does not respond or give a good reply, the present MP will be exposed with proof to the masses. Not only this, the future MP will also come under pressure to fulfill this objective demand of the public.

So, unless we common citizens tell the public servants what exactly we want them to do and what we do not want them to do in an objective and provable way, how will they know and how will other citizens know?

In this way, we should do our constitutional duty. Why must we wait until 5 years ? Why should we sleep for 5 years or cry for 5 years and be active only for one day in 5 years ? This is not democracy. And if a public servant does not listen to thousands of citizens, we should expose that public servant with proof and get him replaced with better person ANYDAY instead of putting up with him/her for 5 years.

Today, we are divided by parties, religion, caste, creed, issues etc. Let us unite under SMS-campaign to MPs/MLAs, etc. public servants without any need to leave your party etc. Now let us individually or in groups do something which will benefit the commons and at same time unite all citizens against the evil, corrupt forces who want to loot the commons.

Besides sending sms-order for your favorite demand, also send sms-order demanding that the MP`s public mobile be linked to MPs` website, so that all public opinion sent to MP via sms can be seen and verified by all. By making this common demand, we all citizens can come on a common platform and unite.

Along with sending sms to your MP, it will be good if you can register at with your voter id and mobile so that you can resend your sms as a code to the site and your sms comes on public domain along with voter ID and can have FULL IMPACT. Please go to the site, to see how to register and send sms to the site. Also, please see this video for proof that sms-orders to MP, MLA & corporator via SMS works -

6.2.2      Majority of citizens will promote and demand pro-common laws like TCP, which benefit the country as well 95% of 80 crores Voter citizens (=76crore) will support TCP and MRCM law. Why 95% support? Why only 5% ignore? Because 95% don’t like to lose their rightful Rs. 200 every month!  Even the poorest citizens will think “what do we lose, Only Rs 3. If PM signs TCP and allows TOG (=TCP) for MRCM law, then we actually get our rightful share of our assets i.e. Rs. 200 /person/month, i.e. end of our exploitation.”

6.3   Fear of the masses in the mind of the public servant


1.    Citizens must make the public servants realize that if they do not fulfill the demands of masses, the public servants will be at a loss.

Immense pressure from 76 crores on MPs, PM and other public servants (pressure could be initiated even in the initial phase with around 20 crores = 25% of total) citizens displayed opinion will force PM to sign TCP and allow MRCM law. Why? Will any PM dare to defy the YES from 20 to 76 crores or more citizens? NO!! PM will sign TCP and allow TOG for MRCM Law. Within 2 months, citizens will get mineral royalties and land rent from GoI plots, and thus poverty will reduce.

2.    Confident Citizens will take initiative and demand to implement other pro-common, productive laws.

Later, the tax reforms chapter 25, (or even better proposals given by other intelligent true Indians), if supported by TOG of citizens, will increase industrial production and remove poverty significantly.

3.    TCP will unite citizens on a common platform.

Some activists could visualize their favorite law draft will get most citizens’ support when TCP is available and  start promoting TCP now itself. Eg: a keen “STOP cow killing” activist may not be interested in MRCM, but visualizes best method is to bring TCP and then via TCP to gather support to stop cow killing laws. So, in this way TCP and demand for TCP will unite citizens on a common platform.

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7. TCP reduces corruption in police, judiciary within 3 months via DPC-RP:


1.    Next step could be implementing District Police Commissioner Replacement Procedure “DPC-RP” (See chapter 22, for draft) via TCP.

70-80% citizens will think" even if 5% police corruption reduces - it’s worth" and give their `YES`. Now CM signs DPC-RP, empowering voter-citizens of a district to replace DPC. DPC-RP (like all our proposals) is 100% consistent with all 33 dozen Articles of our Constitution and all existing laws. The fear of losing job is Supreme in a govt. officer. So within 14 days, 99% corruption in DPC and other policemen will reduce and the rest 1% will be replaced.

That is why in USA, where Right to recall over governor and police chief is there, out of 500 governors and thousands of police chiefs, only few have been replaced. Why ? Because the rest, who were not recalled, behaved due to threat of being removed and punished. So, Recall increases stability due to change in behaviour.

2.    Next citizens can replace PM, CM, MLAs, MPs, Supreme Court/High Court Chief judges, Reserve Bank Governor, Janlokpal, State Bank Chairman, District Education Office, Mayor and officers at 251 positions at National, State & District levels. Which recall law do you think citizens will oppose? Our answer is: NONE. So within 6 months all these 251 administrative, executive positions will be recallable & corruption in all these positions will end for good.

3.    By public Yes / No counts via TCP, citizens may implement pro-common law drafts like narco-test, Jury trial and similar 1000 more. Any newly found loophole will be corrected quickly and efficiently by TCP.

8. Safeguard Clause please see (2.2)

 Citizen can cancel his Yes-No ANYDAY. So procedure is immune to money buyout, gangster/media power.

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9. One may ask “Why should I bother? I am quite well off. It may not affect me!”

If INDIA SHIP sinks, we all will drown. Whether you are an elite group within captain’s circle/ common passenger / poorest worker in the ship – ALL will drown. Corrupt people can loot and rape more than 90% of the population. China, Pakistan are surrounding India and the Indian army has become so weak that ex-army chief had written to PM and said that in case of war, he cannot give any guarantee to save the nation. The best chance is to repair the mismanaged ship and move! We always had all resources to sail easily, happily with all passengers. TCP is the step by step guide to repair the mismanaged ship!!

10. Mass-campaign of solution-drafts via ads/pamphlets will bring immediate results


Politicians, Multi National Corporation (MNC), TV channels, Newspapers, Intellectuals may oppose TCP law, as it transfers their power to citizens. So communicating directly to citizens is the only method left for us and you. 2-4 lakh activists can spread this law to crores via mass campaign in short time (see chapter 10,13,14,74, ). Then, they can demand from their MPs for TCP to be printed in gazette and together force the PM to print this law in Gazette Notification. Even, the threat of these procedures coming will force the public servants to behave!

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11. Some truth that media/leaders/politicians/elites hiding from citizens


We can only highlight few major truths here, as there is no space to explain.

A. 98% of leaders shown in media/TV are compromised. They can’t tell truth if it hurts media owners or MNC. So Thumb rule for you: If leaders’ name appears (as either positive or negative comment) more than 3 times/month in TV/paper – HE IS COMPROMISED LEADER. Ex: Honest leaders Rajiv dixit/SC Bose/Ashok Khemka got coverage less than 3/year!!

B. India’s burning problems in the order: Weakening military & impending foreign invasion, weak science/maths education, Illegal Bangladeshi infiltration, MNC owned politicians/media (i.e. 80% political news is paid) & corruption.

C. We citizens are owners of India. We are honest, rich & extremely powerful. India has about 5 times resources to provide comfortable life for all citizens, like any ‘developed’ nation. Our collective voice can achieve just anything. Media continuously tells the opposite & demoralises us. To do this, media repeatedly exaggerates the faults of the citizens, which in reality are very very rare.

D. Continuous control over public servants is the only way to correct all problems (that is, TCP).

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12. I am in. Can I distribute pamphlets?


Yes. Download English Pamphlets from  and Xerox (Or in many Indian languages/ brail in the same website). Each motivated activist can stand near a bus stop in any village/city/city bus stop and distribute 25-100 pamphlets for half an hour. Every week activist is requested to upload pamphlet distribution’s video on personal YouTube and also email to so as to upload in RRG (Right to Recall Group) Channel. This encourages new activists to re-distribute pamphlets. 

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13. Can I donate money?


No. But you can buy the pamphlets. 4 page pamphlet costs 0-4 Rs. (that is, free to maximum 4rs.NEVER MORE) Eg. You can request activist to give 100 pamphlet for 400 Rs. But if you request the same activist to distribute as well, you SHOULD A. tick box (see-1st page left upper corner) or B. colour same corner in all 100 pamphlets to mark them as sold, so that pamphlets will not be resold. (Question: Can I send money to a physically distant activist to sponsor pamphlets? Answer: RTR Group says NO to distant sponsoring. You decide individually).

14. What are duties of a good election candidate and a good voter ?


Do points 6, 10, 12 and also do following activities -


Promote TCP, send letter to PM to sign TCP in gazette and display the letter publicly, display TCP in manifesto, distribute TCP draft within your campaign leaflet & invite citizens to distribute TCP pamphlets within your campaign. Link your non-personal mobile number to a website programmed to automatically display all received public messages along with registered voter IDs, just like it is displayed in  

B. If you are VOTER : decide whom to vote

Voter should ask election candidate to do activities in point 6, 10, 12 and 14A. Support and vote for candidates who did all (or most) of these activities. If no candidate has promoted any good, pro-common draft, press NOTA (None of the Above) and demand from Election commission or your MP to make NOTA counts valid.

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15) 4 Ways to join ”SMS to Public servant Campaign” & Unite Citizens of the Country


15.1) Send few lines SMS Order to your MP/MLA


Citizens, while continuing other campaign-methods, can send few lines SMS Order to MPs/PM & display sent sms publically within 10 minutes! (Find mobile numbers of your MPs from loksabha site -

Example (402 characters ; Will go in 3 SMS-es) – “ I am XYZ, voter num __ of (place)___, here u are MP. Preamble of the constitution empowers citizens to order you. As my duty, I order you to order PM to print draft-order for Collector in Gazette to SCAN and put citizens’ affidavit on PM website for Rs.20/page. Link your public Mobile No to your website via program to openly display all sms sent to you. OR I won’t vote for you or your party ”

After sending such SMS, you can display your sent SMS via facebook notes, email, YouTube, meeting, etc. so that it serves as proof to the public and inspires others to do the same.

By altering few words in above example, you can also send any other order to MP. (Example: Bring MRCM law.)

15.2) Send SMS and display in a verifiable manner on site the shortcode, which you support and which is already registered by some other citizen – 4 steps

15.2.1  Send Mobile Activation-SMS


Send sms to 08141277555 or +918141277555  in the format -

(the format of the activation-SMS Put in words: first type * and IMMEDIATELY after that enter your voter id number. And immediately after the voter id number, type * and send sms in this format only to 08141277555).

Note - * means the special character `star`
For example *arp1234567* where arp1234567 is the voter id
no. of a person (seen in voter id card. That completes first step: activation of your mobile associated with your voter ID. 

15.2.2    Voters can send registered code-SMS from their activated / registered mobiles
Each registered issue in gets a support and oppose code. You can send sms containing support OR opposing code for a registered issue to 08141277555. Within few minutes, your code is displayed in 


Less literate persons can use  Numerical code instead of short code. (TCP draft mentioned in first page of this pamphlet, is registered on with support oppose short code TCP Y and TCP N .It also has numerical support and oppose codes 0011 and 0012 respectively).

15.2.3      Send by e-mail etc. copy of (a) voter id (b) mobile bill (for post-paid) OR affidavit (for pre-paid) –


a)    For Post-paid mobile user - After sending activation-SMS, please send following -

1.    Clear, READABLE copy of your voter id (both front and back pages)

2.    Front page of your Mobile phone bill copy  having name, mobile number and address

b)    If you are pre-paid mobile user, after sending activation-SMS, please send following –

1.    Clear, READABLE copy of your voter id (both front and back pages)

2.    Original or copy of Rs.5-10 affidavit (stamp paper attested by notary or gazette officer)
stating  – “My name is XYZ son/of ABC residing at ____ My voter id is ______ and pre-paid mobile number is _____. I would like to register my voter id and mobile at

Send documents to or by hand to TCP promoting activist who volunteers to send documents.

(All photocopies should have written in big letters across the whole of copy – “Only for TCP-demo site purpose” )

15.2.4  Documents verification and registration of mobile plus voter id by RRG volunteers 


You don’t need to do anything. Our volunteer will verify and register the voter id and mobile of the voter. Voter can check status of their sent activation-SMS and other SMS-es by entering their mobile number in this link -

Once the mobile and voter ID is registered, the sent code SMS-opinions, along with voter ID, will come on the registered page -

EXAMPLE: Because Mr Rakesh Suri has done all the above steps and sent an sms  TCP Y to 08141277555  so the display looks as below in all the time.

Voter ID

Date Time







2013-12-10 16:43:28



Uttar Pradesh




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15.3)  Register your NEW issue and short codes with our site – 3 steps


15.3.1        Be a verified voter, registered on our site, by following 1-3 steps as in 15.2                                                           

15.3.2        Send the following to

a.  Proposed title of issue and short code name          
b.  Link of article having clear cut, detailed instructions for public servant to implement the proposal

15.3.3        Ask other citizens, so that at least 25 citizens register at the site and send an e-mail to with subject - `Register issue with XYZ title` 

(RTR group can only upload the issue according to availability of our team’s resources. So, please ask your favourite leader/government to create similar VERIFIABLE, opinion gathering system on their websites)            


15.4)  Unregistered user (that is, if you do not have voter ID currently)

Unregistered user sent sms-opinions are not verifiable, hence not authoritative. Still, a page and link is done for demonstration purposes only.
Displaying registered code-sms on unregistered page has 2 steps: 

15.4.1    Send a mock activation-sms to 08141277555 in the format -*YourVoterIDNumber*     
Use fixed voter ID for all unregistered users, which is abc1234567
For example - *abc1234567*  Where abc1234567 is a sample voter id (not real - only an example) in voter list. Indian Mobiles will receive confirmation of mobile activation by sms within few minutes.

15.4.2    Then, send the Code-sms for the issues registered here -  (For example TCP Y if  you like TCP draft in first page, as it is already a registered issue)

Please find full instructions for unregistered users at


Please promote this movement for a prosperous India - Vande Mataram – Right to Recall Group.

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