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Proposals  of   ‘Right   to  Recall’   aka   ‘Prajaa-aadheen  Raajaa’  Group (Unregistered) supported by Rajiv Dixit



A   three   line   law  can  reduce  Poverty, Corruption  in  Police  and  MNC  domination  etc  in   just  4 months !!



Dear All,


If anyone asks you the question --- "who wrote the proposed Gazette Notification drafts such as RTI2 CITIZENS VOICE, Right to Recall PM, RTR-Lokpal, RTR-Supreme-Court-Chief-judge, RTR-RBI-Governor, MRCM, JurySys etc" please say loudly that you yourself wrote it. eg Just take pen and paper, write RTI2 CITIZENS VOICE -draft on a page, and then if you say that you yourself wrote RTI2 CITIZENS VOICE -draft, then it is factually correct as well as legally correct because RTI2 CITIZENS VOICE -draft has only copyleft and has no copyright. And it is morally correct too, because everyone owns every non-copyrighted material, as long as he wants to own it. And if someone asks "who wrote these drafts first", then well RTR is given in Atharvaved, and so Shri Surya wrote it first some 80 lakhs years ago. And Shri Surya doesnt want any copyrights either.






We are not political Party. `Party` may be used in sense of `Group` in certain cases. We are unregistered group demanding to pass law/act

(1) Citizens Voice/Janta Ki Awaz/RTI2
(2) MRCM
(3) Right to Recall at all major positions
(4) Jury System (Trial) in Courts


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The Recallists.

That’s what we call ourselves ….. the Recallists.

We Recallists are the commons, who believe that we the commons of India must ensure that PM prints Right to Recall procedures in the Gazette Notification next month, so that using those procedures we commons can expel Supreme Court Chief judge, PM, Lokpal, Reserve Bank Governor to village Sarpanch etc within 1-2 months (if the need to expel arises), without having to convince any authority.

We Recallists are pitted against those who hate Right to Recall PM, RTR Supreme Court judges, RTR-Lokpal etc proposals under the false excuses of Constitution, logistics and arguments that we commons are illiterates, we commons sell our votes, we commons are casteists etc while elitemen/MPs/judges are mostly honest and non-nepotic. And we Recallists are also pitted against pseudo-recallists (such as Team Anna) who claim they support RTR, but oppose discussion on procedural aspects, oppose adding RTR-Lokpal clauses, oppose adding RTR drafts in Gazette and insist on confining RTR to Panchayat, MLAs and MPs and postpone extending RTR on Supreme Court judges, PM, CMs, Lokpals etc in next life time.


So what makes us Recallists Recallists?

So what makes us Recallists Recallists? I don’t know what made me a Recallists and I don’t know why my colleagues are Recallists. But following are some of the factors.

The first factor is plain vanilla common sense. To explain this common sense factor, I need you to answer one simple question. So please read ahead only after answering this simple question :

The Question : Say you own  factory and have 100 employees – directors, managers, supervisors and laborers. And suddenly the Govt makes 2 new rules –

§  you can NOT expel directors till they are 65 years and cant expel any workers for 5-15 years

§  every month, money from your account will be deducted and salary will be deposited in your employees’ accounts.

Then after three months, will the level of indiscipline increase or decrease?

Please read further only after answering the above question. I will re-ask this question : three months after these new rules come, will level of indiscipline increase or decrease?

            IOW, so called (proposed) Right to Recall Gazette Notifications come from common sense. If we the commons of India, who own the Nation, can not expel judges, MPs, Ministers, IAS etc they will all become indisciplined, corrupt, nepotic etc. This ”Right to Recall” is also mentioned in scriptures such as Satyarth Prakash and Atharvved. E.g. Satyarth Prakash say that “Raajaa must be Prajaadheen or else he will rob citizens”. It was implemented in Greece in 600 BC and made Greece so powerful that Greece could win up to the river Yamuna. And has been implemented in US since 1800s and is main reason why US has been able to conquer Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Pakistan and India may be next. But one doesn’t need scriptures nor history nor examples of Greece and US to get the idea behind of Right to Recall --- it is plain vanilla common sense.  Most problems of us commons in India are not different from the factory owner who can NOT fire existing workers for 5-35 years. And the solutions to our problems is also trivial --- procedures by which we may expel officers, Ministers, judges. This book describes these proposed solutions.

            The second factor that makes us Recallists Recallists is the fear of two-front war or a multi-front war. We do not know for sure if such war will happen. But then, no one in 1989 knew that US would wage war against Iraq and destroy half the Iraq in 1990 and destroy other half in 2004. We fear that India may end up in into a war against some of her enemies. To survive such a war, India needs weapons. So either India has to import weapons or India has to manufacture weapons.

§  If India doesn’t import weapons and also doesn’t manufacture weapons, then India would very badly lose that war. Most of the elitemen will flee to West and will be safe, but we commons will suffer 10-20 times more than what Hindus in Pakistan suffered in 1947. To give an estimate, 1947, some 10 lakhs Hindus in Pakistani were stabbed or burnt alive or buried alive or some were even skinned alive, some 4 crore Hindus had to flee, and over 40 lakh Hindu women were rapped, kidnapped, forced to convert and then marry or just killed. Some of us fear that if India doesn’t get good weapons, the fate of possible two-front war or multi-front war could 10-20 times worse than what happened in 1947.

§  Now if India imports weapons, it would avoid the massacre, but would become slave of weapon exporting Western countries. We believe that the weapon exporters will exploit the dependence then take over all mineral mines, oil wells, spectrum, banks and would ruin science/maths education system of India and later Christianize whole of India.

So we Recallists believe that instead of importing weapons, we should manufacture weapons in India. So we Recallists believe that we commons must create a regime that would enable large scale manufacturing of US-quality weapons in India. And we Recallists believe that such regime cannot come into existence without Right to Recall PM, Right to Recall Supreme Court judges, MRCM, Right to Recall District Education Officer and many such drafts we have proposed.

So may be our fears of possible wars are all wrong. May be nothing is going to happen to India, Hinduism etc. May be India and Hinduism are not going to die. What I and many Recallists think that if two-front war can ruin India, Hinduism, then RTI2, RTR etc are the only law-drafts which may (may) save us. So all in all, the fear of war is one reason which had made many of us Recallists Recallists.


Why is this book over 350 pages long?

This book is over 350 pages. Reading it would need about 80-100 hours. But you don’t need to read all 350 pages to understand small part of it. Just read chap-1 , glance at the table in this preface, see the index, and jump to your area of interest --- such as Military, Education, Swadeshi, Court, Police or curb communalism or Gau-Raksha or saving Hindu temples or whatever. Space needed to cover so many issues will be large and so this book has 350 pages. I have written the book in a linear fashion – i.e. if a reader wants to spend only N minutes, he may read only N/10 pages, and understanding first N/10 pages would not need what is written on later pages. But the questions that would come to mind after reading first few pages may have answers in later pages and. So to get answer to all the questions you have, you may need to read more pages.

Why is this party manifesto so voluminous?

Well, I need activists. And most activists have pet causes. E.g. some activists consider Education as “must-address” issue. Some activists consider strengthening Military as must-address issue, some consider corruption as must-address issue, some consider cow-slaughter as must-address issue and so forth. If their pet issue is absent, the manifesto is useless for them. Now I want to show to the maximal number of activists that their cause will benefit from proposed Right to Recall, RTI2 etc law-drafts. And for that I need to address all the pet issues. So I wrote drafts/summaries of laws to reduce over 80+ problems to meet expectations of various activists engaged in various pet causes. And so book has become 350 page long. And, this is first volume’s first edition. The second edition of this book will be about 500 pages, and second volume will discuss 20-25 more issues/departments, and will have another 500 pages. And I used larger fonts and used more spaces between lines than most usual books, so that senior citizens too can read with ease. So the book is over 350 pages.

Will people read this book? And Other issues

Many have asked me this question – “will ‘people’ read such a long book”? I will answer a similar but different question --- how many people i.e. citizens of India will read this book? There are 75 crore adults in India. And of these, how many will read this book? If a citizen doesn’t want to spend 80 hours in reading any book, be my book or any other book, surely he will not read this or any book. So out of  75 crore adults, some 74 crore would not be interested in reading any long book. So 74 crore out of 75 crore adults will not read my book.

So now out remaining 1 crore , how many will read my book? Now consider a person who does want to spend say 4 hours a week of his time to reduce poverty and corruption. Say such a person has 500 books in front him and one of them is my Manifesto aka 301.pdf book. If that activist is convinced that 80 hours needed to read this book will give him guidance in his goal of reducing problems of Indians, he will surely read it. Now say about 1000 pro-poor anti-corruption activists are convinced by my phone conversations and emails that these 350 pages are worth the time, and they decide to read these 350 pages. And if these pages are worth the goal of reducing corruption, poverty, then these 1000 activists will request more activists to read my book, and their personal recommendation aka word of mouth will fetch more readers. So to increase the readership, I decided to increase the usefulness of contents for a pro-poor anti-corruption activists without giving any thought to the length. The final version of this book 301.pdf will have 600 pages and volume-2 and volume-3 will have 600 pages each. And by the time 10000 people read whole of this book, RTR laws would have come in India – this book’s purpose would have been served.

If you (reader) have any question on any line in this book, please feel free to post the question at . Or you may contact me at below mentioned contacts. And I officially request all readers to join Bharat Swabhiman Trust, political group started by Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji, and also discuss Right to Recall drafts with all BST members. And also request all to join India Against Corruption, political group started by Anna Hazare and discuss RTR-Lokpal clauses with all IAC members and ask Anna to support Right to Recall Lokpal clauses.

If you agree that Right to Recall PM, RTR-Lokpal, RTI2 etc law-drafts we have proposed should come in Gazette Notifications, and it will benefit the commons of India, then please join our Facebook forum Right to Recall Against Corruption, please step simple steps mentioned in chap-13 of and please sign the petition at   .                                           


Issues, departments, topics in alphabetical order and chapters which discuss them

Issue, Department, Draft etc  in alphabetical order


All proposals, list of all proposals


Bangladeshi Infiltration (reducing Bangladeshi Infiltration)


Campaign methods for Right to Recall drafts

chap-13 ,

chap-14 to chap-19

Candidate selection for MP, MLA elections in RRG


Chief Minister (Right to Recall Chief Minister)

chap-6 , section 6.9

Clone positive campaign method, clone negativity campaign method


Corruption - reducing corruption in high level in administration


Corruption - reducing corruption in middle, low levels


Courts (RRG proposals to Improve Courts, reduce corruption in courts, reduce nepotism in courts)

chap-21, section-21.3

District Education Office, Right to Recall


Donations (why RRG is against donations)


Education (improving education)

chap-30, section-30.2

Electoral Reforms


Electricity (improving Electricity production, supply)


Employment (reducing unemployment)

chap-26 , chap-41



Engineering Skills (improving Engineering Skills)

chap-26 , chap-41

Executing PM, CM etc by Majority Vote, draft


External Debt (reducing External Debt)


Future scenarios


Gazette Notification, sample, explanation


Guns – Right to Bear Guns


Hindus in Bangladesh (saving Hindus in Bangladesh)


Imprisonment of PM, CM etc by Majority Vote


Inflation (RRG proposals to reduce inflation)

chap-9 , chap-23

Instant Run-Off Voting (Electoral Reforms)


Jury System, draft to enact Jury System in India

section-21.9, section-21.10, section-21.11,

Justice System (RRG proposals to Improve Courts)


Kashmir issue


Law Education for School Children


Law-Making (improving law-making)


Letter to PM, CMs




Maths Education (Saatya System) , Improve Maths Education


Military (Improving Military)


Mineral Mines' Royalties


MP, MLA (Right to Recall MP, Right to Recall MLA)

section-39.7, section-39.8

National-ID system


Natural Resources


Petrol prices, Petrol Imports


Police (Improving Police Dept)

chap-2, chap-22

Price rise (RRG proposals to reduce price rise)


Prime Minister  (Right to Recall Prime Minister)

chap-6 , section 6.6

Rape (laws to reduce rapes, prosecute rape cases)




Reservation (reducing reservation)


Reserve Bank Governor


Right to Bear Guns


Right to Recall CM

chap-6 , section 6.9

Right to Recall District Education Officer


Right to Recall Group (about RRG)


Right to Recall Lokpal


Right to Recall Mayor draft


Right to Recall District Police Chief (two alternative GN drafts)


Right to Recall MP, MLA

section-39.7, section-39.8

Right to Recall Party, Right to Recall Group


Right to Recall PM

chap-6 , section 6.6

Right to Recall Reserve Bank Governor       


Right to Recall Supreme Court judges


RTI2 (aka Transparent Complain Filing) at National Level draft

Section-1.2 , chap-1 , chap-3

RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing at State Levels draft


RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing at City Level draft


RTI2 aka Transparent Complain Filing via PIL


Saatya System


Spectrum Royalties


Supreme Court judges (RTR SCjs)




Tax reforms


Transparent Complaint Filing

section 1.2 , chap-1

Udham Singh Plan


Unemployment (reducing unemployment)

chap-26 , chap-41

Wealth Tax

chap-25 , section-25.4, section-25.5

Weaponization of us commons


What can you do for Right to Recall Movement



Who wrote the drafts given in this book? Lord Surya and many others …..

Throughout this book, I refer to the drafts of proposed Gazette Notifications as “my drafts”. This doesn’t mean I alone wrote them or I wrote them or does not mean that I am its sole owner. Many drafts were written by persons known or unknown to me, and sent via posts or emails. Even the drafts written by me were later re-written by others and I took their versions because they seemed better than original version. And. I refer them as “my draft” because I want to take full responsibility of all errors in the draft and I do not say “our draft” as I don’t want to evade the responsibility of errors in these drafts, of any. When a person says “my India”, India doesn’t cease to belong to anyone else. Same way, when I say “my draft”, I don’t say that “drafts don’t belong to anyone else”.  Everyone is free to refer to these drafts as “my drafts”, and I have no objection. In fact, I have requested all Recallists to refer to these drafts as “my drafts”.

As such, Right to Recall is mentioned in Satyarth Prakash written by Swami Dayanand. And he took sholkas from Atharvaved, which was written by sages 80 lakh years ago, and sages wrote as told by Lord Surya. So first author of Right to Recall drafts IMO was lord Surya. And MRCM is also mentioned in Atharvaved, and hence MRCM draft’s first author IMO too was Lord Surya. So IMO, the drafts written here were first written by Lord Surya.

All in all, when I say “my draft”, I do not mean I am the sole owner.

 --- Right to Recall Group, the author


























We are copyrighting this book only to ensure that no one else can copyright the material and control its distribution. The copyright is not meant to restrict anyone from making copies and distributing it. Anyone is free to make copies of this book or part of it, and distribute it freely in print, electronic or any form, with or without giving my name. Anyone is free to translate this book or part of it in any language. No permission or payment is required or even expected.

 --- Right to Recall Group





















Rajiv Dixit’s has supported Right To Recall (Supported YouTube Video) B311-1-


1      Zero : This  3 line proposed law can reduce poverty and  corruption in police in just 4 months. 12

1.1      Is this a joke?. 12

1.2      The draft of the proposed CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) GN at National level 16

1.3      Do all citizens in India have internet to use this GN? And other questions. 18

1.4      One line summary of CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) 18

1.5      More about clause-1 of CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) 18

1.6      Is that all?. 19

1.7      So how does CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) reduce poverty within 3-4 months?  19

1.8      How will crores of citizens come to know that MRCM affidavit has been submitted?. 21

1.9      How does CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) law reduce corruption in police?. 21

1.10        Asking CM to sign State level CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2)-draft 23

1.11        Asking Mayor to sign City level CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2)-draft 24

1.12        Draft of CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) at District Panchayat Level 24

1.13        Bringing CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) law via PIL. 26

1.14        How to denigrate leaders, intellectuals who oppose CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) 26

1.15        How can you help in brining CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2)?. 27

1.16        Why no one thought of this before?. 27

1.17        How CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) is the Zero of Political Arithmetic?. 27

1.18        More on RTI2 in chap-3. 28

1.19        How can YOU help in bringing RTI2 law in India?. 28

1.20        Summary. 28

2      Why is corruption in US police less than India’s police?. 29

2.1      A very mysterious question , and such a simple answer !! 29

2.2      Right to Recall and Prajaa-aadheen Raajaa. 31

2.3      Right to Recall in modern US. 31

2.4      A short history of Right to Recall in India. 34

2.5      A short history of Right to Recall in World over 34

2.6      RTR in modern India. 37

2.7      Constitutional validity of RTR procedures in India. 38

2.8      Did RTR in modern US come from Atharvaved?. 39

2.9      My discovering RTR and Atharvaved (Satyarth Prakash) 39


3.1      Later additions to CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) to make it secure. 40

3.2      Will citizens be filing Yes-No 1000s of times?. 40

3.3      Why do eminent intellectuals oppose this CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) GN I demand?  41

3.4      Our request to the citizens. 42

3.5      CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) and Reservation in jobs. 42

3.6      Why do I demand a tiny change like CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) as first step?  43

3.7      And finally : wont the rich be able to buy out citizens?. 43

4      Letters to PM, CM, Mayor, Sarpanch, High Court judge. 46

5      Second RRG proposal - Mineral Royalties for Citizens, Military. 52

5.1      How three line CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) will reduce poverty in 4 months  52

5.2      MRCM draft in short 52

5.3      Details MRCM draft 53

5.4      Dispatching mineral royalties. 55

5.5      MRCM draft at State Level 55

5.6      How much is land rent?. 55

5.7      How much is mineral royalties?. 56

5.8      Effect of land rent collection. 58

5.9      Effect of not collecting land rent 58

5.10        Procedure to recall NLRO.. 58

5.11        The draft of the proposed MRCM law.. 59

5.12        Please note the last two clauses of the PM-RP law I have proposed. 63

5.13        Cost of dispatching payments to 110 crore citizens. 63

5.14        Wont this decrease Govt income? NO.. 64

5.15        West has no such law. Why do we need it?. 65

5.16        MRCM draft and human rights. 65

5.17        Exercises. 66

6      Third RPG demand – Prajaa-aadheen PM, CMs drafts. 67

6.1      How  3 line law reduces corruption in PM, CM, judges, Police Chief etc in 4 months?. 67

6.2      Description of Right to Recall PM draft 67

6.3      Numerical explanations about the proposed procedures to replace PM, CMs. 67

6.4      Description of Right to Recall CM draft 68

6.5      Will PM, CMs get replaced every week? NO.. 68

6.6      Right to Recall PM draft 69

6.7      What if PM, MPs do not obey citizens?. 70

6.8      Please note the last two clauses of the PM-RP law I have proposed. 70

6.9      Draft of Right to Recall CM.. 71

6.10        What if CM, MLAs do not obey citizens?. 72

6.11        Draft of Right to recall City Mayor 73

6.12        To those who oppose RTR over PM, CM, Mayor 74

6.13        The effect of RTR drafts. 74

6.14        How these replacement procedures reduce corruption?. 77

6.15        RTR and common sense. 78

6.16        RTR and Atharvaved, Satyarth Prakash. 79

6.17        West has no RTR-PM, RTR-SCj. So why do we need it?. 80

6.18        Countering anti-recall arguments. 81

7      Forth RRG proposal – Prajaa-aadheen Supreme Court Chief judge. 83

7.1      Right to Recall judges via CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) 83

7.2      Constitutional validity of draft of RTR SC-Cj 83

7.3      Draft for the Govt Notification that would create Right to Recall SC-Cj 84

7.4      West has no such law. Why do we need it?. 86

7.5      National judocratic Commission is a useless idea. 86

8      Fifth RRG proposal - Reducing reservation with YESes of Dalits. 87

8.1      Decreasing reservation with support of poor SC, ST, OBCs. 87

8.2      Details of proposed Economic-Choice System.. 87

8.3      Why above proposed law will get YESes from poor SC, ST, OBCs. 87

8.4      Costs. 87

9      RRG proposal to control prices : Prajaa-aadheen RBI Governor 88

9.1      Role of RBI-G.. 88

9.2      Right to Recall RBI Governor 88

9.3      Draft of the Govt Notification for Right to Recall RBI Governor 89

9.4      How will three line law and procedure to replace RBIG improve price control 90

10        A brief introduction to my “Prajaa-aadheen  Raajaa aka Right to Recall” Group. 91

10.1        The name of the Group. 91

10.2        The summary of RRG goal and plan. 91

10.3        Main difference between RRG and all parties. 92

10.4        World view on violence, revolution etc. 92

10.5        Religion of Democracy and Constitution. 92

10.6        Other books/articles by RRG Group. 93

10.7        Contacts, Internet communities etc. 93

11        Differences between RRG and all parties, eminent intellectuals. 95

11.1        Basic differences. 95

11.2        The most important difference in campaign method. 99

11.3        Importance of drafts of the proposed laws. 99

12        List - 1 :  List of important drafts RRG proposes. 101

13        With just 1 hour a week, YOU can help in bringing “Prajaa-aadheen Raajaa” drafts in India. 111

13.1        So is this another joke?. 111

13.2        List of activities. 111

13.3        Set-1 activities (time needed = less than  2 hours a week) 112

13.4        Proposed working method for RRG activists : Virus works in a team of one. 119

13.5        Are such small number of activists and hours sufficient?. 119

13.6        How do proposed small activities make difference? (1) Communication over internet 120

13.7        How do proposed small activities make difference? (2) Communication outside internet 121

13.8        How are expenses managed without donations and subscription collection?. 121

13.9        Work solo - no need for hierarchy, no need for team work. 122

13.10      List of set-2 activists. 122

13.11      Summary of List-1 and List-2 : over all plan for activists. 125

13.12      List-3 activities. 126

13.13      Proposed election campaign methods. 128

13.14      Should activists print/distribute pamphlets themselves or should leader administer it?. 129

13.15      Overall expense and time estimate. 130

13.16      Summary. 131

14        Bringing CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) draft via Aandolan, not Election Winning  132

14.1        The three step method to bring Satyug in India. 132

14.2        What do I mean by Aandolan (aka “mass movement”) 132

14.3        Are citizens powerful enough to force PM? Or is Aandolan a useless idea?. 133

14.4        Jayprakash had failed to enact laws before 1977. How would Aandolan for CITIZENS VOICE/JANTA KI AWAZ (RTI2) succeed?. 134

14.5        The only task - the task of communication. 134

14.6        How can communication spread. 134

15        Dear activist, are your actions sufficient and clone positive?. 137

15.1        What sort of question is this? And what the heck is clone positiveness?. 137

15.2        Purpose of this chapter 137

15.3        The most important danger Indians are facing --- and most activists leaders are ignoring it 137

15.4        Politics vs Marketing. 138

15.5        The most important fundamental limit in “good politics”. 138

15.6        Real activist leaders vs. fake activist leaders. 139

15.7        What are insufficient actions and what are clone negative actions?. 140

15.8        Two questions junior activist must ask the activist leaders. 141

15.9        “No need to reduce corruption” vs. “Reducing corruption is must” activities. 142

15.10      Spend no time in changing drafts of laws. 143

15.11      Lets change system, but not change the drafts of the laws. 143

15.12      Lets change drafts of laws, but not spend time in learning drafts !! 144

15.13      Summary so far 144

15.14      More on “activism for law drafts”. 144

15.15      Election oriented actions leaders propose to “change the drafts of the laws”. 145

15.16      Attempt to overcome clone negativeness by “unity under one leader” is futile. 147