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Help your family , friends to become aware against evil People in Govt, Police & Judges. Here is the Law that can Help YOU. We, at Right To Recall Group RRG (Unregistered), proposed a 3 LINE LAW called *** "TRANSPARENT COMPLAINT PROCEDURE" i.e TCP *** - to reduce Corruption & Poverty.

Right To Recall can provide more accountability and put office holders on notice that they are being watched.

What is TCP ?

> It's a 100% verifiable procedure. TCP is a 3 Line Law, that can reduce corruption in Police, Judges & the poverty within 4 MONTHS.
TCP Video Presentation :

How does it work ?

> It gathers the citizens voices, UNITES them LEGALLY through this system against the evil acts & decisions of the corrupt people in Government / Judges / Police.

We are unregistered group demanding to pass law/act :-

(1) TCP - Transparent Complaint Procedure
(2) MRCM - Mineral Royalties for citizens & Military
(3) Right To Recall at all major positions
(4) Jury System (Trial) in Courts

What can You As A Citizen Do?

> Read Me (Just A 3 Line Law ) -> URL - This link contains the 3 Line TCP law. Please scroll down to view link for other languages.
> Understand and tell your Family, Friends to help them become aware against evil people in Govt/Police & Judges.

> Need help to understand this 3 Line Procedure ?

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[A] Introduction & Proposals - How 3 line law can reduce poverty & corruption in 3 months

[B] Rajiv Dixit Ji has supported Right To Recall

[C] Rajiv Dixit Ji on Right To Recall just before 2 days of his murder in Mungeli (CG) in following Video



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Important Videos :

Subhramanian Swamy wasting time of genuine activists :

TCP Video Presentation :

Janlokpal Drama by Anna Hajare & Arvind Kejriwal :

RRG Proposal to bring Black Money :

Real Mass movement of emergency 1977 :
Please also read chapter 14 of :



1. A 4 Page Document about TCP (Transparent Complaint Procedure) & How a 3 Line law can reduce Poverty, Corruption in Police & Courts within 4 months (English pdf) (Hindi pdf) (Gujarati pdf) (Bengali pdf) (Malayalam pdf) (Kannada pdf) (English doc) (Hindi doc) (English html)


2. Full detailed document known as 301 with all proposals :


- English (English pdf) (English doc) (English html)


- Hindi (Hindi pdf) (Hindi doc) (Hindi html)

3. All Drafts

4. How With just 1 hour a week, YOU can help in bringing Right To Recall drafts in India [English] [Hindi]

5. FAQs on TCP, Right to Recall etc. (English) (Hindi)

6. Summaaries of RTR-Pm, RTR-lokpal, etc and TCP procedures : (English)


7. RRG proposals to improve Military-Industrial complex

8. Shri Hari K. Prasad Ji held accused of stealing voting machines (Hari K. Prashad Ji), a man who showed how Electronic Voting Machines  (EVM) can be tampered, what a shame on Indian System & Judiciary. We, Right to Recall Group, strongly condemn this government action.

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Write and inform about Transparent Complaint/Proposal Procedure and other pro-common solution procedures to voters by randomly selecting from voter list

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Simple procedure to find voter list of anywhere in India on internet -

1)Go to this link- .
2)Scroll down to choose your state and click `go`. This will open the state CEO site.
3)Then click on `Electoral roll(voter list) tab and choose the area you want to have the voter list of.